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Saturday, 28 May 2011

My new yellow shoes

Today Keisuke had to go to work so i wait for him to finish when he did finish at around 1:00pm we went out shopping.I was looking for some brown shoes to wear with a dress but couldnt find any at all but then Keisuke went missing i turn around to find him but no luck so then i walk out of the shop to find him.After a while he came and for a suprise he got me these pretty yellow shoes for a random gift for me i was so happy he is so sweet to me.

Tongith we will watch a DVD or Tarzan the Disney version i love the songs on that film its an amazing film.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Innocent World hat

Well few days ago i got this perfect hat from Innocent World when i first saw it in store my haert melted i tried it on and had to buy it right away i only paid 7,980 YEN.
When i got home i saw my dress also from Innocent World and thought my hat perfect for this dress so i am very happy i got it.


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bored today so dress up for fun

Well today i was a little bored so i had a little fun with my hair and make up im not very good at it but i tried my very very best.I used my new hair clip hehe.

Reason why bored theres nothing on tv at all Kenji my son sleeping so i thought my time so play dress up i guess haha.

Here is the results of it BAd i know.

I used yellow and purple with black eyeliner under the eye i used a white eye shodaw.Also had false lashes im not good at putting them on at all.

Pink lip gloss with pink blush.

My hair i curled it thats all.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Perfect picnic basket

A few days ago i went to an antique store looking around i saw many baskets but then i see one hiding so i pulled it out only to find was my perfect picnic basket that iv always wanted.

Not much to it really but im decorating it at the moment so take a while but yes i also took it out for first time and filled it with treats and went to the park with my son and my husband.
Great day out ever!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Waiting for July

Well waiting for July now my twin sister Jozi is coming to Japan to stay for 3 weeks.
Soon as she arrives with her friend we go straight to Kyoto ha ha stay two nights then go straight back to Hiroshima where i live.

When she here we plan to do alot of shopping he he and have a big blast.
We already decided to buy the same dress from ANGELIC PRETTY to when she comes.


I cant wait to see her again last time i saw her was last month April we had an amazing time and she took me every where and we both got same tattoo done its so cute.
We wanted gingerbread man for we love cooking them and its different from getting hearts and bows ha ha.

Me yellow nails Jozi blue nails.


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Kera snap 2011

Well i have been to 4 Kera snaps now i have met some amazing people and models.
It been alot of fun and i will do more in future also.

I cant say alot for to lost for words of what to say from JOY hehe.

Me and model Re:no second time.


Third time with Keisuke (husband),Kenji (my son),me and Machiko.


Forth Kera snap with me and Midori.