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Monday, 27 February 2012


I was thinking today that the friends i have are always busy but hey Japan for you so one friend lives out of Hiroshima so rare we meet the other 2 work in Kera shop so i can go any time but i don't want to stop them from working.Then i have 2 sisters which rare i meet them to for they work like we only meet for special day like Xmas or B-days or Kera snap and Kera Halloween party.Ijust wish i had a friend i can meet any time and call and say hey you meet me Saturday and there like yes sure thing you know like that go shopping or Cinema, or any thing together.Other wise in in the house all day almost every day with curtains closed and the neighbours worry about me they called office about me that they never see me.I only wish some one out there who loves gothic lolita and visual kei stuff also concerts and that will come and be a friend and meet many times with out having special days to meet and dont work much please be friend with me.
If you speak english and live Hiroshima please comment me ok make me happy to hear from you.

Well bye bye for now

Monday, 20 February 2012

From an old high school bully

Yesterday i got a message from an high school bully from many years ago it was a shock to see she left me a message but what she said was wonderful i will not mention her name due the reasons.In high school she made me sad and gang up with other bullies at school but some times when she saw how sad i was she helped me so I'm not mad at her what so ever for that. 

Here is what she wrote to me.

"Hey so how u feeling hope ur OK??

Well i just wanted to send you a little message to tell you how sorry i am If i ever made u or Josephine feel uncomfortable at school i know it might sound silly but i cant get it off my i hope u dnt think I'm been silly and accept my apology because me been a prat at school was just me dealing with my own insecurities...i know i should ov never made u 2 feel that way because of what i was going through in my own life but that was my way ov dealing with it and i will always regret that...sorry :)

Well anyway ur looking really well and i hope u have a good future and now hopefully i can get on with mine now i have apologised coz i know i was a twat and u deserve alot better than me because ur great girls. lots of love ashey XxXX

And ur looking really well and so happy for you that ur married and have a child Xxxx"

Isn't it nice of her that she learn that she was wrong but she made it right now i hope she feels better that i do accept her apology and hope we friend each other.

Well bye bye for now

Friday, 17 February 2012


I cant believe it i took a picture of Chocolate my cat and i sent it by email to the KERA magazine few months ago.Every month the KERA magazine comes out and i checked every time to see if it in but then yesterday my husband came home with the new issue of KERA i opened thinking my picture not in just disappointed myself and all of a sudden i see my kitty Chocolate inside i jumped up for joy and screamed YAY YAY.Keisuke was like whats wrong i told him he saw to and said well done your photo is amazing.I was excited i had to write in a blog to share with you.So if any one buy this months KERA the little kitten you see with the big blue collar saying Lego-san under it that's my picture :).

Also next Wednesday me,Kenji, and Keisuke plan to do random Karaoke night and just have fun and a big laugh for we always spend most time in house so i came up with this idea to change things a bit see how it goes.
Well i shall leave you with another photo please forgive i have no make up but so all you can see is my freckles all of them there are so many lol so bed head for me but Kenji wake up to but he cute.

Well bye bye for now.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Fukuoka weekend

Sorry every one not posted in a while we went to Fukuoka to see my mum-in-law and sister for the weekend it was a long drive to get there. We set off Friday at 7pm and arrive around 2:43am soon as we got there we had a nice hot bath and then went to bed i was so tired like mad.The next day woke up had a breakfast we went to see a "POWER RANGERS" all the character's perform on a stage had a fight a bad guy it was funny.Kenji enjoyed it for after the programme we walked out and he rolled on the floor and jumping like a characters we all laughed so badly.That's all what happened really i only took one picture and that's of Kenji sitting on "AN PAN MAN" train from kiddie arcade.
Well that's all for now bye bye. 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Nothing much

Just a short blog here hm mm nothing much has happened yet so yes.Well Keisuke had the day off work yesterday so we decided to go "EON MALL" to have fun Kenji went to little kiddies arcade where he went on cars and things like that then we had an ice cream i had another bunny it was cute was "POPPIN SHOWER" flavour it popped in my mouth it was yummy :D.
Here some pics enjoy.

Well that's all for now bye bye.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

OMG today :D

Today was amazing it snow like mad i loved it so much oh i left the curtains open so i could watch it all day Keisuke car is topped with snow even the post box oh so pretty.Right now I'm sat on dining table watching it fall oh very thick it lay to but not alot on the grounds but i hope it will be like UK few years ago lol.Also today i did my hair and make up just for fun and i used my new "CANDY DOLL" make up i don't look that good for i rushed like mad to get it done but oh well lol here some pics any ways enjoy.

Here is my hair and make up i loved my hair today i know you cant see it all but from the pic you can tell its pretty lol.
This is the back view sorry i was still in my Jimmer Jammers XD but hey like i said i loved my hair
also pics of the snow today.

Well that's all for now bye bye.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Fun day

Today was a very fun day today me, Keisuke, and Kenji we went to town for not been in a while so when we got here i was happy to see the place again so we went to the post office for i needed to go i was late with every thing and then i saw some very cute 3D cards so i got a wonderful "CARS" one for Kenji he loves it lol.
So after the post office we go shopping finally so we decided to walk towards the "PARCO" when i saw a shop i like to go in called "Jouir de Bijou" and i found a very cute necklace of a turtle with blue stones oh i loved it so i had to buy it even its little head moves.
After getting my very cute necklace i go inside the "PARCO" and i go on all the floors to look if new clothes in yet but nope so i went to the basement and got some "CANDY DOLL" make up and oh amazing colours i got all 3 lip sticks and a blush which is orange i also got a orange blush for my twin sister :D.

I cant wait to wear them so exciting i did cost me some money but i don't really care for there worth it lol.

Well that's all for now bye bye.