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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Christmas and now

Been super busy last month went to UK to see family for Christmas i got alot of gifts i even managed to eat all my dinner for first time oh it was yummy.I had such fun and happy laughter oh just loved it so much. Kenji also loved it he got alot of attention just as he likes it and alot of sweets im sure it was heaven to him.The Christmas tree was amazing still with alot of gifts under so it took time finding all my gifts from there.New years had a little party we all danced and sing and pop poppers there was alot to eat i tried to eat as much as possible but i got defeted.
Now i come back home to Japan i miss my family we still speak of course hmmm very soon will be my birthday which im excited about i will celebrat with freinds before i go with my son and husband to celebrate with them. We booked a little hotel in moutains they say it filled with snow which in very pleased about very much Keisuke my husband got a suprise for me which is nerve recking i want to know but no success in him telling me what it is ill have to wait.

Well ill stop here and bye bye for now.

Will not let me upload photos sorry.