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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Short blog and Salvador Dali lipstick

This month has been very busy Kenji birthday came and went so quickly he now 4 years old i cant keep up haha. I also got a job has English teacher so iv been teaching some students English which is fun and amazing to do i enjoy it alot.
Also i bought a very amazing lipstick from Salvador Dali its a cute little pair of red lips and pocket size to, it glides on my lips smoothly and so creamy, the colour is Ruby Red and i just love it so much cant wait to show it off.

Comes in a very cute little box  and you open right down the middle of the lips isnt the colour just FANTASTIC!! i love it so much man i could wear it every day but scared to use it all up lol.

Most recent pic of me i had my hair cut 2 months go i love it lol i feel like my old self  again feels so good. 

Thursday, 4 July 2013


As you know i mentioned few months ago i go to Gackt concert well i did and it was so amazing i went to another one with my Keisuke. I rocked my socks off so much at end of  both concerts i had banging headache and my feet hurt i couldnt walk haha i got Gackt goodies from  the store they had made up ill show next time for still in shock i went concert WHOOP!!

Also today is Gackt birthday so....


Thats all for now bye bye.