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Monday, 28 November 2011

Another birthday

Well then i have great news i have finally got my last visa "PERMANENT" one to so YAY YAY so we celebrated at home and had slice of cake and watched a film.But enough about that haha yesterday was Sunday and KERA MARIA SNAP i met with my two best friends Emiko and Naoko.I wore my Innocent World dress its a brown looks like chocolate and so cute when i wear it.My friends wore Black Peace Now they looked so cute i envy alot lol so any ways tomorrow will be Naoko birthday so i decided to get her a gift it was a bracelet from Peace now and a bake her a cake to lol she loved it very much.
I got her the one in white she was very happy to get this its even her fav brand.

The cake on the other hand that i baked turned out very well i was surprised at myself haha.
It was chocolate chip and vanilla and very crazy cake my decorating isn't good but i tried my best at it and as you see its all kind of colours green,orange,and purple with a strawberry topping and tons of sprinkles.
She really loved eating it very much.

Any ways ill leave it here now with another photo below.
Emiko,me and birthday girl Naoko.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Great weekend

Over the weekend well Saturday was Keisuke b-day so we cooked a nice home meal and i baked a cake it was bright yellow and mint green cream with sprinkle coconut and chocolate chip and it was so yummy.
The meal was rice with chicken with  yummy white wine cream white sauce with a layer of cheese topping oh so mouth watering.
So that's was his b-day i know doesn't like like much but he really enjoy it so I'm glad he did hehe.
But then again a last week he went on a steam train for he loves them alot it was a shame it rained but didn't stop us from having a great time and alot of fun though tons of people it was hard to get around there wasn't much there but we made the best of it.
Then Sunday we was going to see Miyajima with the Autumn leaves but driving there and getting to the car parking was complete packed.So we decide go see the Kintai Bridge we been there twice and we really enjoyed it happy that we went there there was so many people there and games and things
.There was entertainment there also like dancing and actors look like power rangers i no idea what they was lol but we joined a line to see them any ways and Kenji had a picture taken it is so cute he loved it.

This isn't the train we went on but it does look like the one we was on that day this was for show and it is huge.
Keisuke and Kenji on the train as you can see Keisuke has a big smile on his face he very happy.
Keisuke and Kenji in front of the train.
 Standing on the bridge Kenji trying to smile hehe bless him.
Walking back you see the pretty bridge in the back i love the design so I'm happy i went to see it again.
Kenji with a the characters they look like the power rangers but i don't know who they dress as but Kenji really like them.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Kenji goes shopping

Well my son Kenji has a bad rash so to cheer him up i took him shopping so i got him a children trolley and he went straight to the sweets section.He was so cute pushing it down the lanes and picking up sweets and chocolate and putting it in his trolley.
He had one big smile on his face he loved it and im sure i will do it again soon to.
Here few pics of his trip to shopping.
Not sure what he do here maybe he add to trolley haha.

He stopped at his best sweets of all his Thomas tank sweets there in a tube with character faces on he gets them every time.

 So far in his trolley he got juice with pictures of trains on it he loves his juice alot.
As you see he very happy im not sure his mouth is big enough for that smile face lollipop haha.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Time for few things soon

OK very soon on Saturday will be Keisuke birthday we plan to have a very small party since its just me him and Kenji my son so yes a small one is perfect.Then after that will be KERA MARIA SNAP in Hiroshima  on 27th  were again we dress up for have photo taken to hope get into the magazine and also meet KERA model ill tell you who the model is next post.
Few days after on 29th will be my friends birthday Naoko her and her sister we been friends for a year there amazing.She loves to wear hats so i thinking of buying a hate from her fav brands like PEACE NOW or HELLCAT PUNKS or what ever i see lol.

Oh well bye bye for now.

This is a group photo from the KERA MARIA halloween party you cant hardly see me lol ill leave you to guess where i am.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween party

Well the Kera halloween party is now over and i had such a FANTASTIC time again i won alot of prizes and played many games i met with two of my friends there to we been friends for a year now so good to see them there at the place we first met lol .I met Nobu again and DESPAIR designer's they gave my lollipops and sticker.
I also came from my friend  place we had SHABU SHABU very yummy i glad to see her again to been a long time we been very busy.

Well i will add photos from party and others not alot but hey gives some thing to look at lol Ill explain about them under the photos.

 A little photo of Emiko,Naoko,me and Nobu (DESTROY) designer he always funny i met few times before glad to see again.
 Here i am the girl sat down (long hair) with some friends called Naoko (sat next to me with white bow) and Emiko  (white in her hair) the other 2 girls i only met first time that day they were very nice to meet.
 This is every thing i got many chocolate treats The rabbit mirror was gift my my friends for 1 year together.
The little red clothes i bought for my twin sister its from a brand called "DESTROY" you see on the poster he gave me that for gift.Also you see the small bag and lollipop and sticker there from DESPAIR designers.
This hat we played BINGO i waited a long time for a line and when it came up i shout BINGO and chose a prize i picked a small hat and note book.
 This photo oh KERA model Machiko was a number prize its a special sign photo original that i won hehe.You see my ticket had a number on back and staff had to say a number and one member said number 1 that's how i won this photo.
This little flower solar power and the leaves move up and down and flower moves side ways i got it for my husband his car inside is very boring so i jazz it up with this dancing flower.

Alot in this one but all for now lol bye.