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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Here we go another blog from me

So today i will write about a few things i did this past month haha i came back from Gold Coast few week ago it was great i enjoyed it very much we took Kenji my son to The Wiggles worlds he loved it there he went on the BIG red car haha.
This was one great day very very great after the theme park i went to my fav store called "the British lolly shop" where i found the sweets i have missed for so long and cannot buy in Japan even in import stores which is a shame.As you can see it mostly Galaxy chocolate i love it so much i had to buy every kind i saw that day.
Well enough about that lol today i took my little Kenji to the park. He played on swing and slide he loved it but shame it was very hot his face turned red and he sweat alot. So i took him home to cool down and gave him juice.

That's about all for now bye bye.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Back from my hols

Well Monday i arrived back home from my holidays feels great to be back to i missed my home for ages and the food to.
But when i was on my hols i manage to find a british lolly shop where i got all my fav sweets and pop it was heaven.
So yes im back and later i will write more and add photos ok see you later.

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Well July came and went so fast i had a great time as many know my sister came to visit.But 20th July was my 3rd year of being married i had a great day celebrating it and not only that it was also 3rd year i have been living in Hiroshima,Japan.
Iv had my fare share of a few horrible people here but other then that i still love it here and i always will very soon this month i will apply for my final and last visa.
On the 15th this month i will go and visit the Gold Coast with my husband and son for 5 days so i will not be active on that week but hey when i get back i get right to it again.
Not like it matters i don't think any one cares lol well i better stop here for now bye bye.