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Thursday, 26 January 2012

I laughed so hard at this.

On my birthday i forgot to say my sister put make up on my 2 nieces so when i was chatting with my sister i was drinking milk when she shown me and milk came out of my mouth and i laughed so badly my sides hurts so much.They made me a birthday card made from there photos it made my day it so funny i also cried to.
Here are they amazing birthday card photo`s.
This is Olivia she is a little cat she will also come to Japan in August

This is Molly as you can see she is D.M.C she also come to Japan in August.
As you can see there so funny now you know why i laughed so badly and i cant wait for them to arrive with my twin sister Jozi in August.
Well that's all for now bye bye.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Yesterday was my....

Yesterday was mine and my sisters birthday along with my friends we all on same say so any ways i went out shopping i got 2 dresses from my husband and i got myself a pair of shoes.Very soon my husband will get me "BUNRAKU" with Gackt and ¥2000 donation for Cancer for me.
 What my family got me all i know i got some bags and clothes i cant wait to get them :D but i think i have to wait for them.
I got a birthday cake of "CARS" its chocolate and vanilla i will post pics now.
This is the cake and the birthday card i love it so much i was YUMMY.
Me and my sister in UK on computer help blow out the candles it was fun.
The dress my husband got me isn't it amazing i love it so much.

Also this dress my husband got me it has hearts all over i love this one to.

Shoe i got they had no black ones in my size but red it also nice to.

These earrings are from my sister they cute i will wear them alot when i get them.

Well that's all for now bye bye.

Monday, 16 January 2012


Well on Saturday i met with my two amazing friends Emiko,Naoko at 3:00pm at SUNMALL inside the KERA MARIA just Emiko for Naoko had to work but when she finish we met up with her.So any ways Emiko had the same birthday as me and my sister so i made her a cake and her favourite colour is blue so i made a very bright BLUE colour she loved it it also had yellow cream with hand made ginger bread men made from chocolate.
This is the cake i made doesn't it look so pretty I'm so happy with it very much.
Back to the story we met in the store and i got a very nice jumper from the brand LOVER`S ROCK.
Here it is below.
So after KERA and that we waited an hour for Naoko to finish work we met her then went to eat. We all went the Molly Malone's it was very nice after eating we exchanged Christmas gifts and Birthday gifts and this is what i got.
Its a blanket and rabbit and the rabbits arms wrap around the blanket this was my Christmas present.

As you can see this is the Birthday gift they gave me a drawing, a rabbit keyring,and a hand made photo album that made me cry alot.

So there you go alot in this one sorry but yes lol.

Bye bye for now.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Random make up fun

Today i just had some random make up fun and also used my new frames and bobbles that are Mickey and Mini mouse themed i thought there was cute so i got them lol.
Also used the purple contacts to to add a little colour and false lashes.With my hair and lips it is a new colour very bright pink and my hair is 2 little piggies i curled and a little back comb i had fun i admit not going to lie but i wish i could do this with my sister it was be extra fun she will come very soon i cant wait.
Well ill leave you with some pics.

Well bye bye for now hope you like my pictures and hope for you to comment.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Alot of things happen lasy year

Well last year was OK i guess not much really happen that's big news.Soon it will be my and my sister birthday soon i have no idea what will happen and what to do for it but i do know that maybe ill go shopping and my husband will get me a cake.Yes its a boys ice cream cake but he loves the film "CARS" so i decide to get it for my birthday in case it was a limited one.
 Here is the picture the cake is chocolate and vanilla i cant wait to eat it.
 Then i got this cute little rabbit ice cream it was so yummy it was orange flavour.

Also i had a flu injection it was horrible i don't like them at all my husband begged me to get one done so i did.My husband also had one done to and my son and now me and my son are sick with the flu the injection was a waste of time.
They gave me a very nice "HELLO KITTY" plaster i will not get an injection ever again so horrible.

Well bye bye for now.