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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Little Teapot

Me,Kenji and Josephine will go to Little Teapot tomorrow it will be so much fun for Kenji can run around and I will not have to worry for its so safe for him there.Tonight I'm going to be doing Fish and Chips for Keisuke he not had in long time for the last time Josephine cooked it turned out bad her cooking is awful.

So yes that's all for now bye bye.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Going to burst

Today I went to a Yakiniku it was so yummy I can't eat so much but what I had was just the right amount. I feel like a balloon oh I'm going to pop and fly around the room.
Tomorrow I got no plans but maybe I might just go out and do my photography  for it's all I've been doing.

Bye bye for now.

blue tales

So today the weather been hot and there's many small baby lizards out now its so cute, they have blue tales and there tiny I tried to pick one up but them suckers are fast as hell.
that's all for now bye bye

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


KERA SNAP soon I got new clothes I had for while and not worn yet so yep but I need boots Siam it lol.Oh and Sunday is my 6th year wedding anniversary not sure what happen yet but I'll find out soon.
Kenji birthday went to fast he is now 5 and times does go by I have no idea what I did.

That's all for now bye bye.