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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter TWEETS!! lol

So Easter getting xloser i did my little treats for my best friends,if you remember my last blog about the little chicks i got i said i wil show you in next blog what i do with them.Well this is the blog where i do show you what i did lol i do these every year i remember one time me and my sister made a few ten my mum saw them she told us there cute so we made about 80 more lol.I got 2 different types of origarmi paper and folded them into little baskets and put yellow and gold confetti inside added the chocolate treats with the chicks and poppede inside gifts bags they look so cute.

 The little chicks i got from Shinkurashiki they was ¥105 a box well worth it for first time i seen them in 5 years of being in Japan.
 Since theres no Easter chocolates or bunnies i just got chocolates that i think they would like so as you see i went a bit overboard but glad i did also managed to find small egg chocolates which was great for the baskets.
 The pink basket isnt it cute also chick hang out of it and a flower to the paper also goes for the cherry blossom that are blooming to so good combo haha.
 Blue basket with hearts on it again filled with chocolates and a little chick and flower.
 Inside the blue one i added more chocolates to the bag to fill it up more.
 Inside the pink one also same with the blue filled more for the space.
 I made alot a total of 10, 5 blue and 5 pink im very sure my friends will love these very much.

Well thats all for now soon ill be baking my famous Cherry Blossom flavour/shape biscuits ready for my picnic.

Bye bye for now.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Shinkurashiki and a giant gummy bear

So Fiday night i set off to Shinkurashiki which is an hour away from Hiroshima to visit my BFF Ami we had such a blast even thought it was for the short weekend. We watched OZ the new film i really enjoyed watching that very much, i have to admit some parts i knew what was going to happen but non the less it was great. We was going to watch Jack the giant killer but it would take to much of out time together shopping.I got a new kirt with flowers and white lace she got same skirt but in black its so cute i love it so much and also new vest top with cats on it, a writing set a very small one infact th envolopes are so tiny.  After shopping she took me to a new import store where non japanese get 10% discount every Saturdays so you can imagine how crazy i went in there and then i found the perfect thing for Kenji. It was a green gummy bear night light i thought OMG perfect for his room and he loves it so much brings it down stairs every day to play with. Then we went back to the car to go her work place for more shopping it was fun i got so many things from there oh so amazing ever. Next month her Birthday so i plan to back her cake and biscuits tehe just ned to find the right gift for her.
Also i have to prepare for CHERRY BLOSSOM pinic i hold every year i still need more plans for it and still in the making but i got tons for it i cant wait i already see them blooming so i go soon to see them fully bloomed.

 My new skirt i love it cant wait to wear it.
 Small writing set i put ¥100 down so you can see how small it is comes with cute stickers to.
 Cat vest top to pretty had to buy it lol.
 Ice cream my friend got me it was small little balls that melt in mouth they was called dipping dots i liked it very much the flavour was straberry cheese cake.
 I got a new camera case the purple is my new one the brown one is old as you can see the picture is coming off.
 Shopping bag i will use this just for supermarket or what ever to cute and handy.
 Contact lens case i needed a new one so glad i got this lol.
 Bank/ card holder to protect my bank book this is to handy i had to get this so much.
 Kenji gummy bear night light isnt it perfect i love it they also had yellow and red.
 Gummy bear light switched on all you do to turn it on is push his tummy and again to to turn off.
 Little chicks i will use these for Easter gifts you will see maybe in next blog what i do with these cuties.
Wall hanger i will pop this in my closet for it has pockets on so i can add my bobbles and clips in there to make my space nice and neat.

Well thats all for now bye bye

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Biggest Garden park in the world and Penguin walk.

So yesterday we decided to go on a adventure to the worlds biggest garden park it was a long 4 hour drives but worth it very much .When we arrived it looked so small outside i thought to myself how can this be the biggest flower place if it so small then i walked in. I saw owls such cute, adorable ones i wish i could take them home with me all  of them haha. Then we walked in automatic doors and there i saw it was huge there was floawers every where hanging from ceiling oh it was a complete shocker to see and so pretty. The further we walked the more flowers we saw they was just millions of them all different colours and kinds. After the shocking entrance we had to go up this electric belt it was long it took for ever to get to the top. Walked through another set of doors to see more flowers and threes and there was all breeds of birds flying every where some landed on our arms and we could feed them to which was so fun.There was just so much there i will add the pics and a warning theres will be alot of pics i wish i could add them all but the blog would be very extremely long lol.

 This snowy owl so pretty i wanted to take it home so badly look how

Keisuke, and Kenji enjoying the Penguin walk.
The Penguin walk they had little backpakcs on reminded me of Pwoer Rangers.
This little one never left me i think she liked me hehe

As you can see it was the biggest flower place ever and so much there its amazing ill keep going there as much as possible i thought it be a great place for lolita meet up also lol.

Well bye bye for now.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

So fast

Im so proud of myself for after 3 weeks iv lost almost 6 kg WOW iv eaten no chocolates of fuzzy pop only salads and water and alot of hard work excercise im trying to reach my gol of 60 kg i still got a little more to go so yes but i think i done very well for 3 weeks.Keisuke said it takes women months to lose two kg but me almost 6 its like diam im very happy so much and pround of myself.I take my mind of food by reading or dancing plus singing lol and it does work.Not much of a fantastic blog but some thing ihad to write i will have to work extra hard to lose more weight wish me luck.

P.S i thinking of doing a give away still in the making of course but if you do plan to get a change to win then do the rules.

Follow my blog and comment tht you will join thats simple. So when every thing is ready ill let you all know.

I know i already added this photo but i couldnt get enough of it so i thought i share again my Gackt birthday cake it was so yummy i loved it and plus the only chance to kiss him LOL.

Well bye bye for now.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

UK Mothers days and White day

So Mothers day is now over with as you might not now is Mothers Days in Japan not untill May but since im British we decided to celebrate both Mothers Day . I had such a great day i went to AXES FEMME another fav shop i love to go to.I also got a gift from Keisuke and Kenji which was very wonderful i was so happy i gave Kenji a big hug and a kiss. What i got was a green top and a purple clubs necklaces with a teapot and cup inside it i love them so much so cute.

 This is the top from AXES FEMME  Kenji and Keisuke got me isnt it so pretty sorry for bad picture it a very small mirror.
 Necklace with a little sweet charm on to this is very cute also from AXES FEMME i love it.
Kenji and me on Mothers Day he is so amazing i couldnt live without him ever and he has such the most greatest smile iv ever seen.

White day today  hehe Keisuke also got me  gifts which i was suprised at once again for i never ask for any thing but a happy white day hug. I got Hello Kitty chocolates, 2 hair bobbles, and ew earphones for i needed them there prange and so cute and the chocolates OMG so yummy and WOW amazing.

 Here is the chocolate tin oh Hello Kitty how cute is that i love it.
 What the chocolates looks like there so cute i only eaten 1 so far so yes i was so scared to eat them the best chocolate iv seen.Also the tin when i finihed with it im sure i can reuse for earrings and little nik naks.
 My bobbles he got brown says look better in my brown hair i cant wait to wear them in my hair.
Earphones there so pretty with flowers and stones inside each one they didnt have yellow so he got orange which is nice to.

A random pic of me very recent one haha.

Well bye bye for now and HAPPY WHITE DAY. 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Coink! it LOL

So out shopping i went to a place called the LOFT in the SOGO place i go there all the time so  looking around i saw the Coink piggies i seen beore i thought stuff it there to cute i bought one. Well i shown my sister now she wants a red one so i guess i have to go back to get her one. They hold pennies inside or little notes folded of course there many colours to choose from but yellow is my fav colour so yes i got the yellow one hehe. Also a place called MARINA i got some amzing looking cutters you can use for biscuits or ham haha i saw and though WOW i have to get them so i did not used yet but i will soon. Very soon will be White Day a day men give chocolates to the girls so i cant wait to see what Keisuke has planned lol.

 My Coink! int it so cute no wonder i had to buy it i will go around doing an oink noise to every one now lol.
 Holding my little Coink! keyring my hand there so small. on the back of them ha a curled tale.
 The cutters they look confusing at first but looking and reading instructions was simple there so AMAZING i cant wait to use them so badly just having the time.
What the cutters look like wen used and how to use them so simple and creative WOW so any ways to use for food like art.I think people would be scared to eat some thing so pretty like this haha.

Well bye bye for now

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Finished reading Warm Bodies

Not to long ago i ordered my Warm Bodies book after watching the film about 600 times and after 2 days i finished it i couldnt put it down at all. My reviews is a little different from the film but still got the humour and sadness in the way the aurther discribed R is different also but none the less LOVED IT. I have to admit i did giggle and cry reading it. As i sat on bus laughing people staring at me strange i thought nothing of it to focused on this incredible book. I walked in the streets with my head in the book i shocked i could get home for not looking where i going.
Im so glad i ordered this i will read again and again and if my book get olds and pages fall out ill tape them back in.

 Front cover my sister also have book but her cover is different.
This is the back of the book inside has no pictures but does have small scetches.

Well all i can think of right now.
Bye bye for now.