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Monday, 24 August 2015


As you may know i missed the chance to meet her for i went ot Fukuoka for my mum in law but this month she came and i also won a fashion contest and hadanoher picture taken with her even closer it was sooo romantic i loved it.
she had a british type of accent i was so shocked she is such a pretty and wonderful person i love her ever so much.
i cut my hair few days before i met her but it looks similar LOL thats a good thing i guess i enjoyed my day hope to meet her again and i know i will.
thats all for now bye bye

Wednesday, 4 March 2015


so i went to the KERA MARIA HIROSHIMA tea party was amazing i loved every bit of it we played games had tea and snacks lol.Even the SUN MALL center mascot came to visit.
I wore my Alice and wonderland chocolate dress which is so cute.
 This is the dress i wore
 my make up was chocolate themed
 My nails was pink with white polka dots arnt they cute and simple.
 The dog joined in our party
 Me and the dog mascot together for a fun photo.
 A group photo of every one
Now this t-shirt im going to wear for DISNEYLAND for i made it to my main gaol of wehight but i made another one so in April i go the have some kiddie fun.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

been a while

Its been ages sincei done a blog recently i was Kera snap again and met Aoki Misako

and it was my birthday i got another Gackt cake it was so yummy.

and this is what i look like today
bye bye for now