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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Kenji satrted school he in class もも3

So as the title says Kenji has started school, on Wednesday was a opening ceremony where we meet the teachers and they all celebrate with the rest of the class students.Kenji had the most cutest uniform ever he looks so sweet and cute.The day after he got dressed we walked to the school and he ran in happy then when i went to pick him up he cried from the schol all the way home lol. Im sure he loves it there for day after that he was running ready to arrive at his new school.

 Getting ready with his little bow tie.

 Him in his uniform doesnt he look so sweet oh i love him so much.
 Kenji and me im so proud of him so much.
 Keisuke and Kenji both looking happy.

 Smiling meeting his teachers from his class もも3.
 Cheeky boy haha.

Group class photo with the classmates and teachers from もも3.

Monday, 8 April 2013

A very late Birthday gift

As the title says i got my Birthday gift from my mum and dad it was my Birthday in January but i knew it be late but i didnt care for i knew they would still send it so plus i dont like rushing people and i dont like people rushing me either lol.
For Christmas mum got me a 1000 recipes for cupcakes that also includes muffine and other kind of sweets YAY then for my birthday she sent me many things for cupcakes and also my friends Birthday in couple days so came just in time lol.

 This is the book i mentioned see the title of it WOW thats alot of baking and its brilliant.
 My Birthday card with again cupcakes on it so sweet and thoughtful i loves this card so much.
 Nail stuff and skin care its strange when i opened the parcel i did break my nails so i thought good timing.
 Cupcake cases and gift boxes for cupcakes there so pretty, the purple box has 40 more recipes and egg seperater and bag to for icing so all together i have 1040 cupcake recipes lol.
 These are colourful toppings and chocolate icing with nozzles for different type of shaped icing and mini loaf cake cups.
Colours for Kenji they great the animals one are felt tip the others he can draw on bathroom walls with which will make bath time fun for him.

Ok thats all for now.

Bye bye.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Cherry Blossom picnic and Gackt!!

So last Sunday we went out to a river side close to the Peace Park where the Atomic Domb is we lay down our blanketsand sats down for our Cherry Blossom picnic YAY YAY.As you know they have bloomed early in some places it strange but i loved it.So as i do every year for this picnic i make my famous Cherry Blossom shape and flavoured biscuits that all my friends love so much.The day was sunny a lottle windy but when the wind blew the petals and a few flowers would fall over us like a snow oh it was just so amazing.I prepared every thing for the whole week to make it perfect and the food i made the night before such as biscuits, sandwiches, chocolates , and so on Kenji and Keisuke really enjoyed themselves and im glad they did for so did i very much.

 The biscuits i made there Cherry Blossom flavoured and just so yummy.
 Holding the little pink Blossom to join the rest of the wonderful pretty little Blossoms.

 A picture if the amazing Blossoms this was one of the trees we sat under.

 Kenji enjoying the day at picnic he just finished eating sandwich.
 Keisuke also enjoying he day to.
 Talking to each other i thought this picture was so cute.

Me getting every thing out and ready to eat to enjoy lol.

Last month on the 30th of March Gackt concert ticket went on sale and my friend Ami got me a ticket to concert YAY YAY my second Gackt concert WHOOP!.It will be in May ill be going to Shinkurashiki again to watch him with my friend to.