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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Been a while

Sorry been a while past few months been stressful my uncle passed away so suddenly I was heart broken so much every thing bad that has ever happened come pouring over me making it worse.
I'm sure that when every thing is ok I'll be posting soon also blogger needs fixing will not let me edit blogs well at all.

Bye bye for now

Thursday, 26 September 2013

gifts we both got.

Me and my twin sister went shopping together at the disney shop in hiroshima. it was so much fun, we got each other presets. i got her a cute alice in wonderland towel she loves it!. she got me a cute purse of the 3 peas in a pod from toy story 3. i can place my mp3 inside. and i love it! here is a picture of the items we got each other. arnt they cute?.

Friday, 13 September 2013

For sale

Cute Fujifilm  camera with neck strap.
Used but very great condition nice to go out to take plenty of  pictures.
Fits in palm  of  hands and very simple and easy to use.
Does not come with unstruction or USB cable.

Price ¥1900 including p+p the post take these thing serious so takes almost 3 months to get to your destination for its electronic item.

Last photo is what i taken with this very same camera you can see the quility of the imaages.

Angelic Pretty blue dress amazing condition smoke free home if you order this i will make sure it does get ironed out proefessionaly asking price is  ¥10,000 includes p+p.
the sixes more like same as Angelic Pretty site dress size.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Kera Maria Halloween party

So recently I went to Tokyo it was amazing ill talk about it all in next blog but right now I'm more concentrate on the Kera Maria Halloween party coming up soon.Not sure when tickets go on sale but ill be getting 2 for me and my sister YAY YAY.

well that's all for now bye bye.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Tokyo very soon

Very soon well on Saturday ill be going to Tokyo for 5 days cant wait im so excited not only that but we plan to stay in same hotel as John Lennon did so that be fun. So i know not untill few days but i already sorting out my clothes and bits and bobs for packing and i will have to charge batteries on my 3 camera`s a photographer like me cant go any where without my camera`s more important my Nikon D7000 oh thats i call big mama.
While im there i hope to visit my fav shops and places i love to.

Well thats all for now bye bye.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

My Butler and Wilson necklace

After ordering and waiting for it i finally got it i was so excited to see it in person and OMG PERFECT !!.
It cost 298 British pounds plus theres P+P but worth every penny haha.
It a multicolour skull cluster necklace with a small skull on the lobster clasp the weight is so heavy i could break your neck haha.
When the light hits all the Swarovski crystals its like BOOM disco light of colours oh so good.

Now here the pics enjoy.

I got every inch of it as i could to look at this amazing peice of art oh I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Well thats all for now bye bye.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Short blog and Salvador Dali lipstick

This month has been very busy Kenji birthday came and went so quickly he now 4 years old i cant keep up haha. I also got a job has English teacher so iv been teaching some students English which is fun and amazing to do i enjoy it alot.
Also i bought a very amazing lipstick from Salvador Dali its a cute little pair of red lips and pocket size to, it glides on my lips smoothly and so creamy, the colour is Ruby Red and i just love it so much cant wait to show it off.

Comes in a very cute little box  and you open right down the middle of the lips isnt the colour just FANTASTIC!! i love it so much man i could wear it every day but scared to use it all up lol.

Most recent pic of me i had my hair cut 2 months go i love it lol i feel like my old self  again feels so good. 

Thursday, 4 July 2013


As you know i mentioned few months ago i go to Gackt concert well i did and it was so amazing i went to another one with my Keisuke. I rocked my socks off so much at end of  both concerts i had banging headache and my feet hurt i couldnt walk haha i got Gackt goodies from  the store they had made up ill show next time for still in shock i went concert WHOOP!!

Also today is Gackt birthday so....


Thats all for now bye bye.

Thursday, 9 May 2013


AS i said in a few blogs back KERA SNAP event was going to happen well it did and i so totally went again as i always do and it was brilliant as always.
I wore my SUPER LOVERS dress and over that was my DEOART cardigan with a huge belt going all the way around. My tights was great one leg green the other black and i took my amazing bag that every body wants but cant have LOL.
I did simple make up on this one and my hair well with all the layers it took me 2 hours to curl each layer but it was worth it for every one loved my hair.
I got to meet the wonderful KERA model Yamauchi she was so lovely and shocking her english was good :D. Also the same day a new suprise guest by the name of Keke his was so nice and soft hands and in person make up perfect.

 After KERA SNAP in the car my lipstick came off it was a dark red colour i used i look rough but hey worth it.
Me and Yamauchi as you see she looks wonderful she looked like she came right our of the magazine all perfect.
 I couldnt get photo with Keke but he did give me his new single which is amazing i love it.
 Flyer of his new single.
A nice signed photo from him that he gave me after we had a little chat he such a nice guy and he gave me hand shake with his soft hands oh perfect.

Well thats all for now bye bye.

Saturday, 4 May 2013


Just wish to say HAPPY GOLDEN WEEK EVERY ONE, hope you have one amazing holiday and have tons of fun.
Here photos to make you smile.

KERA SNAP tomorrow wish me luck it goes well.

Bye bye for now.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Random blog

This is just a random blog today just update really so any ways.Recently i have been deleting many of my accounts for manys resons some personal and also some are just to boring and people are just rude and bitchy.I say it best thing i ever did in my life one site i deleted man im glad to hell i left i do more with my life then i ever did thank god for that. I wasted many years on crap arse sites ill never get them years back. But i started a new one which is amazing.

Next topic   so we went to several places such as my mother in laws home and Miyajima as we do when ever theres a holiday. Finally got to see the pottery festival in Fukuoka walked for hours and hot sun  but was nice for there was thousands of bowles and cups which people made.
Then day after we went home for Miyajima next day that was also fun aprt from being attacked by a deer keep going after my bag haha it was so funny but scary same time.

 Keisuke mum fell asleep on way there she also tripped over a rock and broke her bowls which she just bought it was terrible.
 Kenji wearing his UV sunglasses which he loves them so much he to cute.
He bought a mask of a charator from a childrens programme.

Miyajima photos

 The island of Miyajima so big and top of moutain are evil monkeys.
 On the boat going to Miyajima again he wears his fav glasses.

Well thats all for now on Sunday is KERA SNAP WHOOP!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Kenji satrted school he in class もも3

So as the title says Kenji has started school, on Wednesday was a opening ceremony where we meet the teachers and they all celebrate with the rest of the class students.Kenji had the most cutest uniform ever he looks so sweet and cute.The day after he got dressed we walked to the school and he ran in happy then when i went to pick him up he cried from the schol all the way home lol. Im sure he loves it there for day after that he was running ready to arrive at his new school.

 Getting ready with his little bow tie.

 Him in his uniform doesnt he look so sweet oh i love him so much.
 Kenji and me im so proud of him so much.
 Keisuke and Kenji both looking happy.

 Smiling meeting his teachers from his class もも3.
 Cheeky boy haha.

Group class photo with the classmates and teachers from もも3.