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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Alot of things different stories

Hey you maybe noticed im using my blog alot these days i delete all my other web accounts apart from my art one and this one i thought life to short to faff around with to any sites.So any ways recenly i go into town i got many things from a store called TuTuAnna all aout socks and ladies underwears. They had so many cute socks i wish to but the whole lot for there was 3 pairs for ¥1030 so i bough 9.

There so cute im that type that gets black clothes and black every thing but i went out of the box and finally got colours in some of the socks are half colours i love them.

I also had a friend down at me home for a while when she was here we made cheese cake and Shabu Shabu and oh it was so amazing it best cake ever and the Shabu Shabu was just  so yummy. I make many times after she went back home and still brilliant to make Keisuke was so impressed with me.

 This is the magical yummy chees cake that was best on erth it had a very thick biscuit crust it was just to good i want to eat every day haha.
Gyoza Shabu Shabu with the sauce is was to die for i dreamed about this all the time so yummy.

Kera snap Re:No also happened not to long ago she was like oh Jodie nice to see you again Kenji grown so much we had a great chat as always i have photo with her this time she held Kenji. It was so funny watching them both run after eacher and giggling such a great person.I was happy to see her again as always she looked amazing also with her Micky Mouse themed clothes.

 Tada here we are together again at last lol i was so suprised she could pick him up he so big and she very small lol.
This is in the Kera magazine itself the man took this photo we wasnt looking for she took on her phone same time so we concentrate with that lol i think this is like the 6 time in the Kera magazine now could be more i forget lol.

Well bye bye for now.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Kenji loves his bed

Well as i said Kenji loves his bed he jumps on it most times, we let him watch a cartoon before we put him in bed. Im doing this blog by phone so not same as others but it something. Im very happy his room is perfect all blue and he got four big toy boxes stuffed with toys and train set.

Another thing Gackt concert tickets go on sale soon i plan to go with a friend of mine and have crazy fun together, last Gackt concert i went to was amazing i couldn't believe i went thats all for now.

 Bye bye for now.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Take your crap back.

Say all you want anyone my blog no one reads its personal and no one come in the middle i state my facts and tell my stories straight i take shit from no one. Im not rude and selfish you simply don't like they fact im right so get head out your ass and shut the hell up. Any crap comments i never read i automatically delete, like life give shit you get it thrown back this goes to every one.

 Bye bye for now.
The only person i trust is liamoon she understands me and support me know where im coming from thanks very much (^ะท^)-☆.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

WTF Candy swap WHAT!!! missed out

So heres the deals i was doing a amazimg candy swap for some one i bought tons of treats and also packed a Miho Mastuda brand mini top hat on there for her for a suprise gift from me.She was wonderful person with a kind heart i never ever ment no harm to her at all i will not mention her name but is in myasionfashion site.
She said she never do swap with me again i was so sad i had eveay ready to send she moved house so i couldnt send it on that time she forget to give new address.

I wrote in myasianfashion about my depression and some one made me that way she about thought it was about her when it wasnt it was about a family member calling my son a retard saying things i never thought a family member would say it broke my heart for my son does have Autism but i never call them retard ever.

When you have depression you say things that you never mean to write also have taken my sleeping medicine i was half sleep i no idea what i was writing. I hope this girl knows that and yes she knows who she is and knows she was in the wrong when thinking i write about her.

She missed out on tons of sweets from me and every thing i hope she reads this and knows it. I high doubt she would ever read it or any thing but thats the way she wants to be then fine

 These are all the things i had ready packed up boxed to send so much stuff she missed out and i wished to have sent if she didnt make a wrong judgement about it all.
 Most are my fav ever i thought she would love them so i got them.
 Theres 2 cute seal plushes with rainbow mini paper crane i had made also MISSED OUT.
Now this the mini top hat from MIHO MASTUDA i wraped it up and put a ribbon around with a bow it looked so pretty to.

If who ever knows the person i speak of let her know she missed out and ot about her.

Bye bye for now

My Gackt birthday cake.

Well last month was my birthday i had a amazing time im now 25 i went to an old cottage style hotel in a place called Daisen it was so amazing filled with snow i loved it very much i go again and again. My birthday cake was the best cake any one could ever have it was a sexy GACKT cake and oh it was amaing i loved it so much and i never knew he would taste so yummy lol.
Isnt it just amazing oh i loved it so much best cake ever.

For Xmas i went to UK meet some family but not all thank god but my grandad didnt look well at all but he tried very hard bless him..

This is my grandad he has an amazing smile great to see him again.

My son Kenji got a new bed today its blue it took a long time to clean his room for all the toys ut it done finally YAY YAY.

TADA there it is perfect YAY YAY .

bye bye see you soon i hope.