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Monday, 14 May 2012


Well i was watering the flowers and grass couple days ago and two little rainbows appeared so i took a photo got me thinking there so cute and cheerful so i back biscuits and a cake all themed with rainbow I'm still trying to get used to the oven but i tried so hard and my very best it turned out well I'm so proud of myself to.
Very yummy Kenji ate all the biscuits there was different colours and both sides which was fun to do ill will make again soon well here the photos.
 The rainbow i took while watering flowers you can see two of them.
 The biscuits i made with different colour on the other side i couldn't take pics of other side Kenji ate them.
 On a plate you see the colours "POP" i loved them so much i will bake again.
The cake i also baked as you can see i took a photo of the last bite size piece to show you the colours purple is the last colour hope you see it.

Well that's all for now bye bye.


Laia Moon said...

That is so incredibly cute!!! I love those cookies, they are SO original! And that cake.....I´d love to eat some.... :D

jozi said...
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Lego-san said...
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