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Friday, 29 July 2011

Great time with my sister

Ok sorry for not being active but my twin sister was here so i didn't come on here much at all.But now im back so YAY YAY.Well as some my know my sister came to Japan for less than 3 weeks but we had tons of fun to much to write in here any ways.But we went to Kyoto and saw the Golden Temple again for been such along time since we had seen it.We also went on a rickshaw that went threw the bamboo forest it was amazing i will do that again.
Jozi and her friend in the photo with the man that pulled them around i think my sister liked him lol.
Me and my husband plus son went on another one but we followed my sister behind.
We also went to Miyajima we been there like 800 times and never get bored of it but we didn't go see the monkey this time for we arrived a little late but oh well another time for them.
A few day before Jozi left for back home we both had our nails done it was alot of fun though i do wish i had longer nails lol.
My sister got green with a red bow and i got yellow with a bunny,bear, and sweets on with coloured stones.

Well that is all for now bye bye.

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