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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Well Kenji birthday is over

Well 1st of July was my son Kenji second birthday i thought it was going to be amazing.
But Kenji cried alot and not being a good birthday boy.He got some small cars and a big car which pulls out into a little track and a mini quad which he loves to ride on.
For his birthday cake i made a chocolate chip cake with yellow cream its was so yummy.
Then we watched Arriety such a wonderful film i still cry at it.
On Saturday my twin sister arrive in Japan with her friend for 3 weeks we plan to go every where.Few days we stay in Kyoto then arrive back to Hiroshima to have more fun.

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Ruth said...

Hiiiii ^____^
yes, i was on kera ^0^
happy birthday for your pretty baby
see you!!!