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Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Well i finally had a Picnic under a Cherry Blossom tree down at Peace Park man i loved it i woke up so early and got every thing ready like blankets to sit on made sure my Basket was packed with goods and chocolates.But the night before the Picnic i made some amazing cute biscuits with Cherry Blossom flavour i colour them pink and cut them into the Blossom shape flower they taste wonderful i loved them so much.
I had done every thing i wanted to do for this Picnic it was perfect and pretty i loved it sooo much ill do it again soon.
 As you see there was tons of people it was hard to find a place to sit and eat but can you see all the pretty trees oh so wonderful.
 Keisuke looking cute as always he enjoyed the picnic to very much he had chocolate cake.
 Me with one of the biscuits i had made for the Picnic yummy i want more.
 I model the biscuit in front the the Cherry Blossom its so cute.
 Kenji laughed and loved the day very much he ate most of the food like but it was a great day for him.
 All the yummy flowers i made the night before the day there so cute i will do more soon.

Last two photo`s of the day the pretty flowers how wonderful i felt like crying knowing my wish to have a Picnic under the trees came true again.

Well bye bye for now

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jozi said...

Awww nice tehe :D