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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fun so far

So half a week gone but been very fun so far i enjoyed what i did and that i made some pancakes they was amazing to eat Keisuke and Kenji ate them to i will make them again soon.So any ways few days ago we went to the EON shopping centre they had this place where you can see little fish and baby sharks and what not there was a tank where people put there hands in with little fish that nibble they tockled and Kenji loved them he laughed so much.There was also horse shoe crabs i held a small one in my hand that feel so strange but Kenji throw them back in.Thats most what happened but yesterday i got a letter from the GACKT fan club DEARS i got his monthly magazine and a small phone cover i love looking in the magazines.
 The pancakes i made with butter and Maple sauce yummy :P.
 The tank with the small fish they tickle like mad.
 The Gackt monthly magazine they show comics and questions.
The DEARS phone screen cover for Iphone but i dont have that phone so funny.

Well thats all for now bye bye.

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