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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

New camera

So Monday we went out to the new DEO DEO its an electrical shop which sells every thing you need from mp3 to light bulbs so any ways the 7th floor is full of my favourite things ever PHOTOGRAPHY oh how i loved it i was like a little girl on Christmas day look at every thing and making a list what i wish to have fun fun fun. SO i saw a Nikon D7000 i was drooling for to have it.The Nikon D7000 felt like it was just right for me so i got it with a big lens and filters also camera bag its all so heavy but i love it feels strong. I got lights LEV boards and tripods and a big camera but now i got even bigger one lol.
So all i need now is 2 SD cards and done i have took a few testers with the new camera and pretty amazing i loved it.

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