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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Next Sunday

So next Sunday will be Kenji 3rd Birthday i cant wait we will take him to Hiroshima transport museum to let him see the cars and trains it be fun for him also we ordered him a cake with "cars" from the Disney film on it which cant wait to see how it look and his reaction to it.I plan to give him money for his robot money box what my mum and that got him he loves putting pennies inside it.Now I'm thinking about the gifts i have no idea what to get him so hard he has to any toys already so maybe clothes will be nice.I was also thinking to have a small party and have a chat with Jozi and family on computer for the party so they don't miss out on his Birthday be nice.Ill have to get things wrote down and ready to get even spare batteries for my camera and charge the other camera to i don`t know about decorations hm mm maybe a little will do.
So fun I'm so excited not only that my dads Birthday is 10th July and my niece Olivia on 21st and my wedding anniversary 20th so that's alot lol of July.

Well bye bye for now.

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