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Friday, 13 July 2012

Making things

This week been interesting there has been thunder and lightning and pouring it down with rain oh sounds so pretty i leave the window and listen to it i could fall asleep nice and snuggled on sofa with a blanket and cup of tea wonderful.So any how iv been making plans this moth to meet a pen pal called Eevee we will meet up very soon I'm getting so excited so much i hope she will not be disappointed of me i would hate she come all the way here to Hiroshima and be let down.I will take her every where so i hope she wear good shoes theres places like Angelic Pretty, Kera, and BPN plus more.I will make sure she have the time of her life when she with me for sure and huge blast.So now i have to get an outfit to wear and i have no idea what i don't know why it be so hard i don't want to be so flashy or any thing i want clothes easy to move around with and take off to try on clothes lol I'm sure ill find some clothes to wear i also plan to get my hair cut its all blah right now she a fresh new look i guess.Right now as i write this i listen to some amazing music for me its a classic of Simply Red he just the best ever loved his music since i was little me and my sister dance and sing to his songs all the time cant help but be amazed.I don't know what more to put so yeah lol.

Well bye bye for now.

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