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Monday, 10 December 2012

What happened so far.

Well Novemer is long gone now i celebrated Keisuke bday i got him a cardigan and a custome made cake for him which he loved so much he was scared to cut it which i cant blame him at all it was amazing. Now ill tell you the biggest gift i got him it was a Ringo Starr concert ticket to see in March in Osaka and he cried when i told him i got ticket for him he enever stopped smiling.
Keisuke bday cake as you see its THE BEATLES oh im so happy that he loved his cake so much it took time to eat this for to great, it was filled with fruit and creamy with strawberries inside.

Also yesterday was KERA MARIS SNAP it where you get photos taken to get inside KERA when picked i loved it i got dressed up and Kenji got dressed up. I met Re:No model again was amazing to see her smile face again. We taled alot she ran after Kenji and cuddled him tight i think she wanted to take him home.

Here we are all smiling in photo she was cordination with Mickey Mouse this time it was so cute she held my hands and gave me a big tight hug it was perfect.

Well thats all for now for im very much busy right now i have to pack for UK to see family its been over a year i miss them so much.

Bye bye for now.

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