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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Sorry for being so long.

Gosh i have been such a long time sorry so much iv been so busy doing so many things oh hard to keep up with every thing.So i guess ill tell you what things iv been up to and that.Well i made some cute crayons for Kenji and a girl up the street and baked cake and decorated buns there was so yummy . I got new hair cut and Kenji is now rolled in school he will join menxt year and also he will have a cute uniform that will arrive December.What more happen oh yeah i got this years KERA MARIA SHOP halloween party with two designers from DESPER and KASEI im glad to see them again also hope Nobu with be there and my others friends also its on Sunday the party so im nervous. See i have done so many things my blog maybe make so sense lol and scrabbled like an egg but i dont care.

 The cute crayons i made.
 The cake me and Kenji decorated.
 The buns me and Kenji decorated.

The Halloween party ticket from KERA MARIS SHOP cant wait to go there on Sunday ill try take plenty of pics.
 My new hair cut with 2 layers it rocks i love it.
Kenji with a big smile looking pretty as always.

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