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Sunday, 24 February 2013

My Gackt birthday cake.

Well last month was my birthday i had a amazing time im now 25 i went to an old cottage style hotel in a place called Daisen it was so amazing filled with snow i loved it very much i go again and again. My birthday cake was the best cake any one could ever have it was a sexy GACKT cake and oh it was amaing i loved it so much and i never knew he would taste so yummy lol.
Isnt it just amazing oh i loved it so much best cake ever.

For Xmas i went to UK meet some family but not all thank god but my grandad didnt look well at all but he tried very hard bless him..

This is my grandad he has an amazing smile great to see him again.

My son Kenji got a new bed today its blue it took a long time to clean his room for all the toys ut it done finally YAY YAY.

TADA there it is perfect YAY YAY .

bye bye see you soon i hope.


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