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Sunday, 24 February 2013

WTF Candy swap WHAT!!! missed out

So heres the deals i was doing a amazimg candy swap for some one i bought tons of treats and also packed a Miho Mastuda brand mini top hat on there for her for a suprise gift from me.She was wonderful person with a kind heart i never ever ment no harm to her at all i will not mention her name but is in myasionfashion site.
She said she never do swap with me again i was so sad i had eveay ready to send she moved house so i couldnt send it on that time she forget to give new address.

I wrote in myasianfashion about my depression and some one made me that way she about thought it was about her when it wasnt it was about a family member calling my son a retard saying things i never thought a family member would say it broke my heart for my son does have Autism but i never call them retard ever.

When you have depression you say things that you never mean to write also have taken my sleeping medicine i was half sleep i no idea what i was writing. I hope this girl knows that and yes she knows who she is and knows she was in the wrong when thinking i write about her.

She missed out on tons of sweets from me and every thing i hope she reads this and knows it. I high doubt she would ever read it or any thing but thats the way she wants to be then fine

 These are all the things i had ready packed up boxed to send so much stuff she missed out and i wished to have sent if she didnt make a wrong judgement about it all.
 Most are my fav ever i thought she would love them so i got them.
 Theres 2 cute seal plushes with rainbow mini paper crane i had made also MISSED OUT.
Now this the mini top hat from MIHO MASTUDA i wraped it up and put a ribbon around with a bow it looked so pretty to.

If who ever knows the person i speak of let her know she missed out and ot about her.

Bye bye for now

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