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Thursday, 9 May 2013


AS i said in a few blogs back KERA SNAP event was going to happen well it did and i so totally went again as i always do and it was brilliant as always.
I wore my SUPER LOVERS dress and over that was my DEOART cardigan with a huge belt going all the way around. My tights was great one leg green the other black and i took my amazing bag that every body wants but cant have LOL.
I did simple make up on this one and my hair well with all the layers it took me 2 hours to curl each layer but it was worth it for every one loved my hair.
I got to meet the wonderful KERA model Yamauchi she was so lovely and shocking her english was good :D. Also the same day a new suprise guest by the name of Keke his was so nice and soft hands and in person make up perfect.

 After KERA SNAP in the car my lipstick came off it was a dark red colour i used i look rough but hey worth it.
Me and Yamauchi as you see she looks wonderful she looked like she came right our of the magazine all perfect.
 I couldnt get photo with Keke but he did give me his new single which is amazing i love it.
 Flyer of his new single.
A nice signed photo from him that he gave me after we had a little chat he such a nice guy and he gave me hand shake with his soft hands oh perfect.

Well thats all for now bye bye.

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