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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Random blog

This is just a random blog today just update really so any ways.Recently i have been deleting many of my accounts for manys resons some personal and also some are just to boring and people are just rude and bitchy.I say it best thing i ever did in my life one site i deleted man im glad to hell i left i do more with my life then i ever did thank god for that. I wasted many years on crap arse sites ill never get them years back. But i started a new one which is amazing.

Next topic   so we went to several places such as my mother in laws home and Miyajima as we do when ever theres a holiday. Finally got to see the pottery festival in Fukuoka walked for hours and hot sun  but was nice for there was thousands of bowles and cups which people made.
Then day after we went home for Miyajima next day that was also fun aprt from being attacked by a deer keep going after my bag haha it was so funny but scary same time.

 Keisuke mum fell asleep on way there she also tripped over a rock and broke her bowls which she just bought it was terrible.
 Kenji wearing his UV sunglasses which he loves them so much he to cute.
He bought a mask of a charator from a childrens programme.

Miyajima photos

 The island of Miyajima so big and top of moutain are evil monkeys.
 On the boat going to Miyajima again he wears his fav glasses.

Well thats all for now on Sunday is KERA SNAP WHOOP!

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