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Thursday, 22 March 2012


Not much apart from going to town i got two tops from KERA where the sleeves have zips there so cool i shown Jozi my sister she wanted one that's why i got two of them i got a black one and Jozi got the purple one i think the colour will go well with her very much.Also Whitby Gothweekend is very soon in April and Jozi wanted some stocking so i got her some from Angelic Pretty i hope she will like them fingers crossed lol.Well Mothers day is over in UK Kenji got me a ring that I'm waiting for it i don't mind waiting i know it will be amazing.April soon so the Sakura will be here very soon and also been a dream to have a picnic under them last times was rain or no room for us to sit but this time i will make room lol.
Well that's all i can think of right now really  so i will post pics down now.
 Angelic Pretty there was tons of stuff in there that i wanted lol.

The stockings i got for Jozi there so cute and look very warm for UK April Gothweekend.The picture above is the zip tops from KERA.

Well that's all for now bye bye

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