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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Another amazing month

Well my sister and 2 little ones have returned home and did leave my home a complete mess like a bomb went off but its all done and crispy cleaned thank goodness lol.We did alot of great things and journeys like going to Miyajima for Hello Kitty shop and Shikurashiki to meet my friend Ami they got alot of gifts from her even meeting my 2 friends in Hiroshima they got alot from them to they was spoiled.Some times they would be very naughty and scream but some thing i had to put up with they made Kenji look like an angel lol.Molly,Olivia and Kenji walked around in Miyajima feeding the Deer's Olivia called them Bambi`s lol she funny and bless her we all went to Kera Shop Maria and the photo of that is in there twitter also PEACE NOW Olivia bought a bag from there she never took it off.Gosh to many things we did to much to put down so ill just pop photo`s in and done lol.

 Posing at the Hello Kitty shop in Miyajima they loved it there and bought alot to lol Olivia,Hello Kitty and Molly there big smiles says it all don't they.
 Stroking the Deer there was so many they ran around like mad for them.
 Big trip to the Aquarium they saw Sharks, Rays fish lol every thing they went to big gift shop and got things from there and the photo that was a place they can hold and touch star fish and other sea creatures.

Well that's all for now bye bye.

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