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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Cherry Blossom picnic and Gackt!!

So last Sunday we went out to a river side close to the Peace Park where the Atomic Domb is we lay down our blanketsand sats down for our Cherry Blossom picnic YAY YAY.As you know they have bloomed early in some places it strange but i loved it.So as i do every year for this picnic i make my famous Cherry Blossom shape and flavoured biscuits that all my friends love so much.The day was sunny a lottle windy but when the wind blew the petals and a few flowers would fall over us like a snow oh it was just so amazing.I prepared every thing for the whole week to make it perfect and the food i made the night before such as biscuits, sandwiches, chocolates , and so on Kenji and Keisuke really enjoyed themselves and im glad they did for so did i very much.

 The biscuits i made there Cherry Blossom flavoured and just so yummy.
 Holding the little pink Blossom to join the rest of the wonderful pretty little Blossoms.

 A picture if the amazing Blossoms this was one of the trees we sat under.

 Kenji enjoying the day at picnic he just finished eating sandwich.
 Keisuke also enjoying he day to.
 Talking to each other i thought this picture was so cute.

Me getting every thing out and ready to eat to enjoy lol.

Last month on the 30th of March Gackt concert ticket went on sale and my friend Ami got me a ticket to concert YAY YAY my second Gackt concert WHOOP!.It will be in May ill be going to Shinkurashiki again to watch him with my friend to.

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