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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Kenji satrted school he in class もも3

So as the title says Kenji has started school, on Wednesday was a opening ceremony where we meet the teachers and they all celebrate with the rest of the class students.Kenji had the most cutest uniform ever he looks so sweet and cute.The day after he got dressed we walked to the school and he ran in happy then when i went to pick him up he cried from the schol all the way home lol. Im sure he loves it there for day after that he was running ready to arrive at his new school.

 Getting ready with his little bow tie.

 Him in his uniform doesnt he look so sweet oh i love him so much.
 Kenji and me im so proud of him so much.
 Keisuke and Kenji both looking happy.

 Smiling meeting his teachers from his class もも3.
 Cheeky boy haha.

Group class photo with the classmates and teachers from もも3.

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