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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Random make up fun

Today i just had some random make up fun and also used my new frames and bobbles that are Mickey and Mini mouse themed i thought there was cute so i got them lol.
Also used the purple contacts to to add a little colour and false lashes.With my hair and lips it is a new colour very bright pink and my hair is 2 little piggies i curled and a little back comb i had fun i admit not going to lie but i wish i could do this with my sister it was be extra fun she will come very soon i cant wait.
Well ill leave you with some pics.

Well bye bye for now hope you like my pictures and hope for you to comment.

1 comment:

jozi said...

damn right you wear the purple lol :D you got the vat dance ready yet i am stick waiting for it for my profile??