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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Alot of things happen lasy year

Well last year was OK i guess not much really happen that's big news.Soon it will be my and my sister birthday soon i have no idea what will happen and what to do for it but i do know that maybe ill go shopping and my husband will get me a cake.Yes its a boys ice cream cake but he loves the film "CARS" so i decide to get it for my birthday in case it was a limited one.
 Here is the picture the cake is chocolate and vanilla i cant wait to eat it.
 Then i got this cute little rabbit ice cream it was so yummy it was orange flavour.

Also i had a flu injection it was horrible i don't like them at all my husband begged me to get one done so i did.My husband also had one done to and my son and now me and my son are sick with the flu the injection was a waste of time.
They gave me a very nice "HELLO KITTY" plaster i will not get an injection ever again so horrible.

Well bye bye for now.

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