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Monday, 16 January 2012


Well on Saturday i met with my two amazing friends Emiko,Naoko at 3:00pm at SUNMALL inside the KERA MARIA just Emiko for Naoko had to work but when she finish we met up with her.So any ways Emiko had the same birthday as me and my sister so i made her a cake and her favourite colour is blue so i made a very bright BLUE colour she loved it it also had yellow cream with hand made ginger bread men made from chocolate.
This is the cake i made doesn't it look so pretty I'm so happy with it very much.
Back to the story we met in the store and i got a very nice jumper from the brand LOVER`S ROCK.
Here it is below.
So after KERA and that we waited an hour for Naoko to finish work we met her then went to eat. We all went the Molly Malone's it was very nice after eating we exchanged Christmas gifts and Birthday gifts and this is what i got.
Its a blanket and rabbit and the rabbits arms wrap around the blanket this was my Christmas present.

As you can see this is the Birthday gift they gave me a drawing, a rabbit keyring,and a hand made photo album that made me cry alot.

So there you go alot in this one sorry but yes lol.

Bye bye for now.

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