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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Closer and not long now

So March is here not long now until my twin sister Jozi come with 2 nieces Molly and Olivia and yes i know iv told about this already maybe but i just cant keep my excitement in at all i feel like screaming from the top of my lungs so badly.So any ways they will arrive in August when there school holiday starts and stay less then 3 weeks and Jozi payed for every thing diam she rich lol i plan to take my little girlie's to great stores like Angelic pretty and KERA my friends cant wait to see them.Also we go to Fukuoka to let them meet Emiko my mum in law and Yumiko my sister in law  there always saying please let them come here so that's what we doing.Emiko and Naoko also wish to meet them and my sister again they will be in such a shock to see how pretty they are.Molly say she want to go to Miyajima and feed the Deer crackers but most of all is the Hello Kitty shop she really loves to go and Olivia she loves Disney so there store at Fukuoka and Osaka where we also will be going.Cant wait to see there faces and see what they will try on or buy themselves oh so amazing i hope my waiting does not last long i wish it was today that they come but i guess good things come to those who wait so yes ill wait for them patiently.

Olivia and Molly there so cute and pretty. 

Well bye bye for now.

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