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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Cute Rice

This just a post of how to do coloured rice it`s super cute and just fun to do i love doing this.Iv had so much many people asking me how i do this i say to them its so easy and simple to do i had to share with every one.At first i tried i did for experiment to see what would happen and now i see it works i do it often now so ill share with you how i did it.I think this would be great for parties and for children to do and Bento lunch box be very cute to.I do hope you enjoy doing this as much as i do very much.

Start off with rice of course i used 3 scoops of rice but you can use as much as you like i also used a rice cooker so I'm pretty sure will work in a pan also.

We like to wash our rice before we start to cook it so if you wish to wash thats fine i wash 3 times with water.

Then the fun part you get food colouring any colour you wish i have a Violet sorry for not rotate my picture but i dont think it matters.Now add the colouring with the rice and water and mix it all in well.

Here it is mixed very well and i know it looks a bit blue but needs to be cooked to see the colour it will be.After mix the colour in then you cook till the water has evaporated then you see the wonderful cute rice.

Done here is the finished rice nice Violet colour looks so cute and it was a big suprise for Keisuke and Kenji when they saw this hope you find this fun to do enjoy.

Violet rice and Curry and dont worry the colour doe not effect the taste of the rice but it does make cooking and your food cute.

Pink rice still isnt it cute you do the same thing i said above and you can do any colour you wish like a rainbow thank you very much for reading.

Well bye bye for now.

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Laia Moon said...

:3 Very cute. These unusaul colors are original! I used food coloring to make "autumn rice" once. I separated rice into red, orange and yellow and then mixed it once it colored. The end result was very pretty, like autumn leaves.