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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Craft fun

My sister will be going to the Whitby Goth weekend in April and very soon so she asked me to help her with her theme i cant say what it is but i had to think how can i help.SO today i went to the DAISO shop and got tons of DECO and buttons stuff like sweets and cakes so on and some black hair clips.came home and used my glue gun to pop them on its so simple and easy to do and they look amazing I'm so glad i did them i also hope my sister will like them.didn't take so long to do so i might do more for myself soon not only that but she also wants real sized buns and cakes but fake ones so that one is going to be a big challenge for me to do i sure hope i do it.
Here the pics.

 So here my little box of DECO stuff and cute buttons some i got today and other i had for long time.
 Normal black hair clips i got today from DAISO that i used.
 Finished design there so cute i love them I'm sure my sister will to.
Surrounded by many sweets just a few clips in this photo but still cute.

well bye bye for now.


jozi said...

They look awesome Jodie good job :D Yes they came the other day I cant wait to show you I might go to morrisons to get my fringe cut i aint sure ill think about it :D.

ichigo_komori91 said...

Hi there!
I know it doesn't fit to your post but I've tagged you:

ELLE said...

oh my gosh! i like it!!! cute! ^_^

followed you. hope u too! ^_*