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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter TWEETS!! lol

So Easter getting xloser i did my little treats for my best friends,if you remember my last blog about the little chicks i got i said i wil show you in next blog what i do with them.Well this is the blog where i do show you what i did lol i do these every year i remember one time me and my sister made a few ten my mum saw them she told us there cute so we made about 80 more lol.I got 2 different types of origarmi paper and folded them into little baskets and put yellow and gold confetti inside added the chocolate treats with the chicks and poppede inside gifts bags they look so cute.

 The little chicks i got from Shinkurashiki they was ¥105 a box well worth it for first time i seen them in 5 years of being in Japan.
 Since theres no Easter chocolates or bunnies i just got chocolates that i think they would like so as you see i went a bit overboard but glad i did also managed to find small egg chocolates which was great for the baskets.
 The pink basket isnt it cute also chick hang out of it and a flower to the paper also goes for the cherry blossom that are blooming to so good combo haha.
 Blue basket with hearts on it again filled with chocolates and a little chick and flower.
 Inside the blue one i added more chocolates to the bag to fill it up more.
 Inside the pink one also same with the blue filled more for the space.
 I made alot a total of 10, 5 blue and 5 pink im very sure my friends will love these very much.

Well thats all for now soon ill be baking my famous Cherry Blossom flavour/shape biscuits ready for my picnic.

Bye bye for now.

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