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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Time for few things soon

OK very soon on Saturday will be Keisuke birthday we plan to have a very small party since its just me him and Kenji my son so yes a small one is perfect.Then after that will be KERA MARIA SNAP in Hiroshima  on 27th  were again we dress up for have photo taken to hope get into the magazine and also meet KERA model ill tell you who the model is next post.
Few days after on 29th will be my friends birthday Naoko her and her sister we been friends for a year there amazing.She loves to wear hats so i thinking of buying a hate from her fav brands like PEACE NOW or HELLCAT PUNKS or what ever i see lol.

Oh well bye bye for now.

This is a group photo from the KERA MARIA halloween party you cant hardly see me lol ill leave you to guess where i am.

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