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Monday, 14 November 2011

Great weekend

Over the weekend well Saturday was Keisuke b-day so we cooked a nice home meal and i baked a cake it was bright yellow and mint green cream with sprinkle coconut and chocolate chip and it was so yummy.
The meal was rice with chicken with  yummy white wine cream white sauce with a layer of cheese topping oh so mouth watering.
So that's was his b-day i know doesn't like like much but he really enjoy it so I'm glad he did hehe.
But then again a last week he went on a steam train for he loves them alot it was a shame it rained but didn't stop us from having a great time and alot of fun though tons of people it was hard to get around there wasn't much there but we made the best of it.
Then Sunday we was going to see Miyajima with the Autumn leaves but driving there and getting to the car parking was complete packed.So we decide go see the Kintai Bridge we been there twice and we really enjoyed it happy that we went there there was so many people there and games and things
.There was entertainment there also like dancing and actors look like power rangers i no idea what they was lol but we joined a line to see them any ways and Kenji had a picture taken it is so cute he loved it.

This isn't the train we went on but it does look like the one we was on that day this was for show and it is huge.
Keisuke and Kenji on the train as you can see Keisuke has a big smile on his face he very happy.
Keisuke and Kenji in front of the train.
 Standing on the bridge Kenji trying to smile hehe bless him.
Walking back you see the pretty bridge in the back i love the design so I'm happy i went to see it again.
Kenji with a the characters they look like the power rangers but i don't know who they dress as but Kenji really like them.

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