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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Kenji goes shopping

Well my son Kenji has a bad rash so to cheer him up i took him shopping so i got him a children trolley and he went straight to the sweets section.He was so cute pushing it down the lanes and picking up sweets and chocolate and putting it in his trolley.
He had one big smile on his face he loved it and im sure i will do it again soon to.
Here few pics of his trip to shopping.
Not sure what he do here maybe he add to trolley haha.

He stopped at his best sweets of all his Thomas tank sweets there in a tube with character faces on he gets them every time.

 So far in his trolley he got juice with pictures of trains on it he loves his juice alot.
As you see he very happy im not sure his mouth is big enough for that smile face lollipop haha.

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