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Monday, 28 November 2011

Another birthday

Well then i have great news i have finally got my last visa "PERMANENT" one to so YAY YAY so we celebrated at home and had slice of cake and watched a film.But enough about that haha yesterday was Sunday and KERA MARIA SNAP i met with my two best friends Emiko and Naoko.I wore my Innocent World dress its a brown looks like chocolate and so cute when i wear it.My friends wore Black Peace Now they looked so cute i envy alot lol so any ways tomorrow will be Naoko birthday so i decided to get her a gift it was a bracelet from Peace now and a bake her a cake to lol she loved it very much.
I got her the one in white she was very happy to get this its even her fav brand.

The cake on the other hand that i baked turned out very well i was surprised at myself haha.
It was chocolate chip and vanilla and very crazy cake my decorating isn't good but i tried my best at it and as you see its all kind of colours green,orange,and purple with a strawberry topping and tons of sprinkles.
She really loved eating it very much.

Any ways ill leave it here now with another photo below.
Emiko,me and birthday girl Naoko.

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