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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween party

Well the Kera halloween party is now over and i had such a FANTASTIC time again i won alot of prizes and played many games i met with two of my friends there to we been friends for a year now so good to see them there at the place we first met lol .I met Nobu again and DESPAIR designer's they gave my lollipops and sticker.
I also came from my friend  place we had SHABU SHABU very yummy i glad to see her again to been a long time we been very busy.

Well i will add photos from party and others not alot but hey gives some thing to look at lol Ill explain about them under the photos.

 A little photo of Emiko,Naoko,me and Nobu (DESTROY) designer he always funny i met few times before glad to see again.
 Here i am the girl sat down (long hair) with some friends called Naoko (sat next to me with white bow) and Emiko  (white in her hair) the other 2 girls i only met first time that day they were very nice to meet.
 This is every thing i got many chocolate treats The rabbit mirror was gift my my friends for 1 year together.
The little red clothes i bought for my twin sister its from a brand called "DESTROY" you see on the poster he gave me that for gift.Also you see the small bag and lollipop and sticker there from DESPAIR designers.
This hat we played BINGO i waited a long time for a line and when it came up i shout BINGO and chose a prize i picked a small hat and note book.
 This photo oh KERA model Machiko was a number prize its a special sign photo original that i won hehe.You see my ticket had a number on back and staff had to say a number and one member said number 1 that's how i won this photo.
This little flower solar power and the leaves move up and down and flower moves side ways i got it for my husband his car inside is very boring so i jazz it up with this dancing flower.

Alot in this one but all for now lol bye.

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