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Monday, 26 December 2011

Today i got...

Today i went to the TWO ONE STYLE i was walking around then i found the cooking/baking section so i decided to look around and see what they had then. I saw two Silicone Mould Plates one was MOOD and the other was GINGER AND CANES well that was it i had to get them.After the big shopping place we rushed down to MAX VALUE where i got some chocolates.When i got home i got out my moulds and cleaned them out to make them nice and clean and ready i always do that Then began to melt my chocolate.It was so fun i loved it very much i will do it alot now so when ever i go shopping i will buy chocolate every time lol.
These are the moulds as you can see the left are little people with different moods like happy or sad.The one on the right is the Ginger breads with canes so cute.
The chocolate i had ready to melt i did it the old way with hot water lol.
Looks so wonderful and smooth i wish i could eat it all up from the bowl.
I started with the Gingerbread first then the Moods one after it was so fun doing this.
Now there on a plate out of the moulds don't they look fantastic they taste so yummy my husband ate most of them.

Well bye bye for now.

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jozi said...

I love them Jodie MMMMM! me want some.