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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Fun day

Today was a very fun day today me, Keisuke, and Kenji we went to town for not been in a while so when we got here i was happy to see the place again so we went to the post office for i needed to go i was late with every thing and then i saw some very cute 3D cards so i got a wonderful "CARS" one for Kenji he loves it lol.
So after the post office we go shopping finally so we decided to walk towards the "PARCO" when i saw a shop i like to go in called "Jouir de Bijou" and i found a very cute necklace of a turtle with blue stones oh i loved it so i had to buy it even its little head moves.
After getting my very cute necklace i go inside the "PARCO" and i go on all the floors to look if new clothes in yet but nope so i went to the basement and got some "CANDY DOLL" make up and oh amazing colours i got all 3 lip sticks and a blush which is orange i also got a orange blush for my twin sister :D.

I cant wait to wear them so exciting i did cost me some money but i don't really care for there worth it lol.

Well that's all for now bye bye.

1 comment:

jozi said...

Tehe thanks for the orange i cant wait to see it on :D