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Monday, 20 February 2012

From an old high school bully

Yesterday i got a message from an high school bully from many years ago it was a shock to see she left me a message but what she said was wonderful i will not mention her name due the reasons.In high school she made me sad and gang up with other bullies at school but some times when she saw how sad i was she helped me so I'm not mad at her what so ever for that. 

Here is what she wrote to me.

"Hey so how u feeling hope ur OK??

Well i just wanted to send you a little message to tell you how sorry i am If i ever made u or Josephine feel uncomfortable at school i know it might sound silly but i cant get it off my i hope u dnt think I'm been silly and accept my apology because me been a prat at school was just me dealing with my own insecurities...i know i should ov never made u 2 feel that way because of what i was going through in my own life but that was my way ov dealing with it and i will always regret that...sorry :)

Well anyway ur looking really well and i hope u have a good future and now hopefully i can get on with mine now i have apologised coz i know i was a twat and u deserve alot better than me because ur great girls. lots of love ashey XxXX

And ur looking really well and so happy for you that ur married and have a child Xxxx"

Isn't it nice of her that she learn that she was wrong but she made it right now i hope she feels better that i do accept her apology and hope we friend each other.

Well bye bye for now

1 comment:

jozi said...

Yes it is nice she has turned a new leave she is awesome.