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Thursday, 2 February 2012

OMG today :D

Today was amazing it snow like mad i loved it so much oh i left the curtains open so i could watch it all day Keisuke car is topped with snow even the post box oh so pretty.Right now I'm sat on dining table watching it fall oh very thick it lay to but not alot on the grounds but i hope it will be like UK few years ago lol.Also today i did my hair and make up just for fun and i used my new "CANDY DOLL" make up i don't look that good for i rushed like mad to get it done but oh well lol here some pics any ways enjoy.

Here is my hair and make up i loved my hair today i know you cant see it all but from the pic you can tell its pretty lol.
This is the back view sorry i was still in my Jimmer Jammers XD but hey like i said i loved my hair
also pics of the snow today.

Well that's all for now bye bye.

1 comment:

jozi said...

Going to be snowing here over the weekend aint going to last that long :D