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Friday, 17 February 2012


I cant believe it i took a picture of Chocolate my cat and i sent it by email to the KERA magazine few months ago.Every month the KERA magazine comes out and i checked every time to see if it in but then yesterday my husband came home with the new issue of KERA i opened thinking my picture not in just disappointed myself and all of a sudden i see my kitty Chocolate inside i jumped up for joy and screamed YAY YAY.Keisuke was like whats wrong i told him he saw to and said well done your photo is amazing.I was excited i had to write in a blog to share with you.So if any one buy this months KERA the little kitten you see with the big blue collar saying Lego-san under it that's my picture :).

Also next Wednesday me,Kenji, and Keisuke plan to do random Karaoke night and just have fun and a big laugh for we always spend most time in house so i came up with this idea to change things a bit see how it goes.
Well i shall leave you with another photo please forgive i have no make up but so all you can see is my freckles all of them there are so many lol so bed head for me but Kenji wake up to but he cute.

Well bye bye for now.

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