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Monday, 27 February 2012


I was thinking today that the friends i have are always busy but hey Japan for you so one friend lives out of Hiroshima so rare we meet the other 2 work in Kera shop so i can go any time but i don't want to stop them from working.Then i have 2 sisters which rare i meet them to for they work like we only meet for special day like Xmas or B-days or Kera snap and Kera Halloween party.Ijust wish i had a friend i can meet any time and call and say hey you meet me Saturday and there like yes sure thing you know like that go shopping or Cinema, or any thing together.Other wise in in the house all day almost every day with curtains closed and the neighbours worry about me they called office about me that they never see me.I only wish some one out there who loves gothic lolita and visual kei stuff also concerts and that will come and be a friend and meet many times with out having special days to meet and dont work much please be friend with me.
If you speak english and live Hiroshima please comment me ok make me happy to hear from you.

Well bye bye for now

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jozi said...

No your not allowed to know what is it its for me for i was brave tehe :D id get you one but it would cost alot of money sorry jodie. other wise i would get it for you aswell. thats if i get it i am determend to get it :D