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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Is there any lolita`s out there?

OK all of my friends are Japanese and we share the same fashion so i wonder for a long time if there is any other Gothic Lolita or visual kei people out there that's not Japanese but western for i have not seen any at all  right here in Hiroshima , Japan.  I don't know if any one at all reads my blogs or any thing but hey if there is western Lolita's or visual kei out there in Hiroshima ,Japan it would make me very happy to here from you guys and girls and share stories about first time Japan and wearing Lolita or visual kei fashion in Japan. You know like a western point of view about this wonderful place and fashion and so on it would be amazing.So please leave a comment or email me at don't be scared it make me happy.
Thank you :).

Very old photo from last year not dressed as Lolita here but my hair is sure very nice hehe and i dont bite.
P.S if you email me please put subject as some thing like Hiroshima Lolita so i know not to delet it right away thank you.


Ruth said...

Hi Lego san (at first, sorry for my poor english)
I saw you too, one time you was with your sister and your pretty baby, I wanted to talk with you (because you already sent me email) but you didn´t told me anything so I though maybe you don´t wanted or you fell shy. That is because I didn´t talk with you last weekend too.
So next time tell me something and we can talk

Lego-san said...

Well to be honest im the most shy person on earth but ill make a promise next time i see you i will say hello with a smile :D.
I hope we can be good friends to be nice to have another friend make me happy.
My twin sister yes she only come for holiday lol she is very nice to.
You can email if you wish its in the blog post my email ok.